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E3 2019 Information Page


Hey everyone! oprainfall will be at E3 once again for E3. We’d like to start off by thanking all of you. Without you we wouldn’t be able to even cover E3! Follow along with us as we bring you interviews, previews, and impressions you’ll only get from us!



  • EA  Streaming throughout the day starting at 9:15 E.T.


  • MICROSOFT: 1 P.M. PT / 4 P.M. ET
  • BETHESDA:  5:30 P.M. PT / 8:30 P.M. ET
  • Devolver Digital 10:00 PM ET


  • PC GAMING SHOW:  10 A.M. PT / 1 P.M. ET
  • Limited Run Games 12:00 PM PT
  • UBISOFT:  1 P.M. PT / 4 P.M. ET
  • SQUARE ENIX:  6 P.M. PT / 9 P.M. ET


  • NINTENDO: 9 A.M. PT / 12 P.M. ET

How to Navigate Through Our E3 Coverage

At the top of website, next to the “Home” menu is the newly added E3 2019 menu. If you hover your mouse over the E3 2019 menu, a drop-down menu will appear with options such as E3 News, E3 Hands-on Impressions, E3 Trailers, and more. If you are looking for console specific E3 content, simply click your console of choice via the menu options at the top of the website just like you normally would. Since it’s E3, most everything we are covering during the week will be E3 related.

When And Where To Watch The Streams


Watch all of the streams on Twitch this E3. Click here for all twitch streams. Some streams may also be streamed on oprainfall and these will be announced.

What We Are Covering

We’re going to cover as much as humanly possible instead of just limiting ourselves to just “niche” games. So what does that mean? Does that mean we’re suddenly going to post articles about Call of Duty every 5 seconds?!? To put it short, HELL NO. Our priority will still be niche titles, but expect to also see some titles that are a little more mainstream. The one thing we will promise is we won’t cover Call of Duty, Battlefield, or sports games. It’s not that we don’t like those games (I’m personally a huge Battlefield fan), it’s that they’re going to be covered to death by other websites. So why bother?

For press conferences, it’ll be much like how we handle Nintendo Directs, which is an article for each conference outlining all the news to come out of it.

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