John Livermore
AT-90edt with Canon 600D camera
Guide scope C80ed  with ASI120 camera
AVX Mount
15 10min subs ISO 800 in BYE 

Majestic Jupiter

Jupiter taken by John Livermore 10/18/2013

5000 frames taken over 2.3 minutes with an ASI120mc camera at prime focus with a 2x barlow on a cpc800 scope.  Processed with Sharp Cap, Autostaker, Registax for wavelets and resized in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Comet ISON is on the way!

Comet ISON (C2012/S1) is headed toward its rendezvous with the Sun on November 28, 2013, and is currently visible to telescopes in the early morning eastern sky rising about 3am.   It isn't known how bright the comet will be when it climbs into the evening sky during the first two weeks of December.  Estimates have ranged from spectacular naked eye object to one only visible in binoculars.

20 x 1 minute stacked exposures through a 14" SCT and an SBIG ST8XME camera by John Brooks on 10/2/2013.  Processed with MaximDL.


Clear Sky Chart